Broken Land Beats

Broken Land Beats is a New York based production team, we are aiming to combine the original sound of New York Hip-Hop with more recent production techniques and a fresher sound. Our producers have worked on the scene for many years and released an impressive amount of albums, EPs and remixes.
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“UPTOWN” album produced entirely by Broken Land featuring New York’s finest LZZ DELA CORNA and HOBX

 The beats used for UPTOWN are available as a separate release.

The Instrumental albums Uppers / Downers

HOBX’s new album called Trapping Out The Hoopty  (7 tracks all produced by Broken Land)

Another record with Hobx feat Lenaya and LaChaleur just came out in May.

The Jazz Beat Tape

DJ VADIM Mixtape Instrumental

Way To Go on Lzz Dela Corna’s first Album ‘Glory’.

The Agenda featuring HOBX dropped on Brapp Records.

More on the way,

Stay tuned.